Budget Review Chair: Cuts Needed Before Tax Hikes

school-budget-cutsBudget cuts will have to happen in District 186 before the public will agree to raise taxes.  That’s according to the chair of the Community Budget Review Committee that offered up more than $7 million in recommended cuts this week.  David Milling says the district has an image problem.  He says a public survey showed district residents view the school system as top heavy when it comes to administration.  …

MILLING “There’s no doubt in the committee’s mind that the long term solution to this problem is more revenue.  Either through a property tax increase or a sales tax increase.  At some point and time the community ios just going to have to get behind the district and give them more money to operate because they can’t operate on what they’re getting right now.”

But Milling says cutting spending will need to occur before asking for more money from taxpayers.  District 186 is facing a huge budget deficit.  The school board is expected to finalize its budget for the next year in February.  Among the cuts being considered include combining middle school gifted programs, closing some schools and teacher and staff layoffs.

Hear the complete interview with Milling:

Hear mp3

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