Park’s Golf Courses Will Stay Open Through Winter

golfDie-hard golfers will have the chance to play through the winter this year at courses run by Springfield’s park district. For the first time, the Lincoln Greens, Bunn, Bergen, and Pasfield courses will stay open throughout the winter months. Park district executive director Michael Stratton says recent mild winters led to that decision. Rachel Otwell interviewed him about it:

Bunn golf course is the only course that has remained open previously, and with success, he says. Walkers and riders will be able to play, weather permitting. Stratton says there’s nothing to lose in keeping the courses open through the winter.

STRATTON: “It’s not going to cost the tax-payers any more money to keep the golf courses open. So any revenue received is just money in the bank for the park district which of course goes back to only improve the quality of services in our golf courses.”

There will be reduced rates for golfers who brave the cold from December 17th though February 28th.

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