Gov Punts on Pension Proposal, Turns Talk to Football

Gov. Pat Quinn on Thursday refused to offer his opinion on the specifics of a new plan to deal with the state’s underfunded pension systems. Brian Mackey has more.

Quinn says it was “promising” that a group of legislators offered a new pension proposal. He called it a “positive development,” but the closest he got to expressing an opinion on the merits of the plan was to call it …

QUINN: “… a very interesting proposal.”

Not good. Not bad. Just “interesting.”

Quinn reiterated that he wants pensions dealt with in the 34 days before the General Assembly adjourns. But when a reporter asked what he would do about it on each of those 34 days, Quinn punted — and spent the better part of a minute talking about Northern Illinois making it to the Orange Bowl.

QUINN: “And I very much hope to be there with, I think it’s Tom Cross’ top aide, is a graduate of NIU. And we are going to go together. And I’m sure right there at halftime — it’s a very long halftime show there at the Orange Bowl — we’ll figure out a way to get everybody in and nobody left out when it come to pension reform.”

FADE IN: “Hail to the Huskies

And the band played on.

— Brian Mackey

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One Response to Gov Punts on Pension Proposal, Turns Talk to Football

  1. eddie walls says:

    It continues to be clear how ‘undersized’ quinn is for the job of gov.

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