Drought And The IL Christmas Tree Biz

Xmas_tree.svgThis year’s drought has taken a toll on a crop that gets more attention this time of year: Christmas trees. But one expert says it has not affected sales. Shoppers picking out just the right tree won’t notice. But the drought did take out some younger trees. WUIS’ Rachel Otwell recently spoke with David Daniken, he’s with the Illinois Christmas Tree Association, and he works on a tree farm in Pocahontas, 40 miles east of St. Louis:


DANIKEN: “There is no shortage of trees, there’s plenty to be had. And the price hasn’t gone up, what has gone up is basically based on inflation- nothing more. At least that’s been my experience with people I’ve talked to in the industry.”

But Daniken says he did lose thousands of trees recently planted….

DANIKEN: “Sometimes as a farmer, you basically just have to eat a loss sometimes, that’s just the way it goes.”

Growers across the Midwest have been affected, but more severe losses in trees won’t likely be noticeable for a few more years.

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