Gov. Unveils Pension Campaign & “Squeezy The Pension Python”

Governor Pat Quinn has finally unveiled his long-awaited pension plan.  It’s meant to bring attention to Illinois’ 95 billion dollar pension debt.  Amanda Vinicky explores if it’s good for a laugh, or something more:

Legislators, unions, and advocacy groups welcome a new player in the pension debate: Squeezy the Pension Python.

[Video:  Narrator: ‘The problem is “the squeeze’ … ]

When legislators failed to pass a pension overhaul in August, Quinn promised a grassroots campaign. Three months later, he came out with a twitter account, Facebook page, and a web video. Squeezy has a cameo, he’s a hissing cartoon snake. Senator Mike Jacobs, a Quad Cities Democrat, embraces the mascot.

JACOBS: “A python, it makes some sense for the pension mascot, in that it does squeeze the life out of everything else. You can’t miss that we’re paying more now in pensions than we are to educate our children.”

But online, where Quinn wants to prompt discussion about Illinois’ pensions, the campaign has largely been derided as amateur.  Squeezy and his creator are the butt of a lot of jokes. But critics say they’re serious in their frustration. Quinn’s effort includes NO specifics or solutions about what Illinois can do to solve the pension problem.

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4 Responses to Gov. Unveils Pension Campaign & “Squeezy The Pension Python”

  1. Cheryl says:

    This is absolutely the most insane thing Pat Quinn has allowed to happen. So far.

  2. Mike Reed says:

    Quinn will try any trick, no matter how inane or insane, to push responsibility onto the pensioners for the money mess that Illinois government is solely responsible for. It has been robbing us for decades, but Quinn and cronies want to rob us again. There are vipers here, but picking out the culprits requires a large mirror.

  3. Tom Stearns says:

    This is a good attempt to simplify a complex issue. However, the devil is in the details. It is misleading to say the money was invested in something safe and earning interest. It was invested in other assets, how much and what became of them? The State has a fiduciary responsibilty to invest funds wisely and to provide the pension. You can try and assess blame or you can look at the unfunded liability and develope a plan to fund it. Providing detailed information and alternatives in a more educational adult fashion will build credibility, this presentation will not. You need Tuffy the Tug Boat, I think I can, I think I can.

  4. aspergram says:

    Where did Quinn get the idea that he’s addressing children?

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