After Brutal Election, GOP Congressman Open to Campaign Finance Limits

After a blistering campaign in which millions of dollars were spent on television ads, some of the targets of the attacks are reconsidering how elections are funded. Brian Mackey spoke to one of Illinois’ incoming Congressmen.

Rodney Davis is the only Republican among the six men and women who will soon be Illinois’ newest Congressmen. He also won with the narrowest margin of victory. Even so, Davis says he has something in common with his fellow legislative freshmen.

DAVIS: “We all had to withstand a barrage of false and misleading ads.”

That’s in part because of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling (PDF) that allowed unlimited amounts of money, often from secret sources, to flood the airwaves with attack ads. The case was called Citizens United.

DAVIS: “I think all us that have been impacted by Citizens United — and impacted during this election cycle, by spending that we can’t control — we’re all going to have a say in what happens in the future, and I think something needs to be done.”

Davis, who is from Taylorville, says he thinks the identity of donors should be public. And he says he’d consider supporting limits on the amount of money outside groups can raise or spend. But that’s just the kind of law the Supreme Court overturned in the Citizens United case.

— Brian Mackey

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