Interview: After-School Program For Homeless Kids

Erin Predmore

Erin Predmore is the executive director of Family Service Center, the agency that is in charge of the Compass program. The program will serve students at 6 different elementary schools in the Springfield school system this school year. But Predmore says there is hope that Compass will be able to continue to grow and expand. Rachel Otwell recently interviewed Predmore:

Tomorrow, WUIS will bring you a story from one of the Compass program sites.

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3 Responses to Interview: After-School Program For Homeless Kids

  1. Sandra James says:

    What a great program. Springfield is fortunate to have visionaries that are also compassionate and creative.

  2. Jody Webb says:

    I am touched by this story. I hope that the citizens of Springfield will continue to support this program in the future. Thanks for all you do, Ms. Predmore!

  3. Lindsey Prewitt says:

    What a sharp reminder of those we should not overlook especially at this time of year! Ms. Predmore provides a lovely example of how a community of concerned adults can provide important stability for vulnerable children. Keep up the good work Springfield!

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