Gill Ends Bid For 13th Cong. District Seat

Dr. David Gill,  a Bloomington Democrat, issued a statement today announcing he was conceding the race in the 13th congressional district.  Gill was down by more than 1200 votes to Republican Rodney Davis with all precincts reporting.  He had indicated he was considering legal options in one of the tightest congressional races in the country.  But Friday afternoon, he sent an email to the media.  Here is that email:

“My exhausted campaign team has completed a county by county analysis of outstanding provisional and absentee ballots in the 13th Congressional District, as well as some precinct-based anomalies in ballot returns and turnout.

The closeness of this race (less than 1/2 percentage point) demanded that we diligently check the numbers. I am very grateful for the dedicated work of my campaign staff to go through this data in the last few days, and for the cooperation of election officials in each of the 14 counties.

It has become clear to me, based on the numbers I’ve seen, that there are simply not enough uncounted ballots remaining to wipe out the current 1,287 vote deficit I face in this election.

I greatly appreciate the extraordinary support I’ve received from thousands of people across this country during this long campaign and the strong encouragement that so many citizens gave me to make sure every vote was counted. It has truly been an inspiration to me and my family.

I’m also grateful for the incredible support of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, each county Democratic Party organization and the dozens of unions that supported my candidacy. I’ve been especially honored by the support and friendship of dedicated public servants like Senator Dick Durbin, Governor Pat Quinn, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, former Comptroller Dawn Clark Netsch and former Congressman Phil Hare. Illinois is truly fortunate to have progressive leaders like these.

The incredibly close outcome of this congressional election, along with the re-election of President Obama and a Democratic Senate, have proven that knee-jerk conservative policies will not succeed in this country nor be accepted by most of the people in this district. It will require compromise and common sense solutions to govern this nation and to serve this region. I have faith that the people and the press in the 13th district will be watching closely.

I hope this campaign made a difference in the national debate and helped set the right priorities for the future. I will continue to speak out on the issues I care deeply about and advocate for progressive policies.  Each of you has given me the strength and the courage to continue to fight throughout the most difficult days of this campaign. I know you will continue to work for a better America that always takes care of our most vulnerable citizens. I will be honored to stand behind you in the important battles ahead.

While Rodney Davis and I have very different priorities and political philosophies, I hope we share a few things in common: a deep desire to see a better future for the communities we love in this part of Illinois and a commitment to leave things better than we found them for our children. I hope Mr. Davis will seek ways to compromise and support the President so we can see real progress for middle class families.

The time has now come to bring this exciting campaign to a close. I know the friendships and partnerships we have forged in this long fight together will go on for many years to come. I will never forget all that you have done.”

Rodney Davis later released his own statement:

“I would like to thank David Gill for the passion with which he campaigned. I appreciate that he has forgone dragging this out further with his concession this evening. Shannon, our family, and I are thankful for the wonderful support we’ve received. I am humbled to have the honor to serve as Congressman for the 13th District and am ready to get to work.”



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