Mayor Houston Names 19 To SDAT Action Committee

Recent efforts to revitalize and repopulate Springfield’s downtown took another step forward Thursday.

Mayor Mike Houston formed a new committee to take action on plans the City hopes will bring about about a residential and commercial “renaissance” in an area of town where many buildings now stand vacant.  Peter Gray reports.

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View/Download SDAT Springfield’s Final Report (full version, Adobe .pdf)

SDAT Springfield: Official Website 

SDAT Springfield: Official Facebook Page

Earlier this year a team of so-called “urban design professionals” visited Springfield, offering suggestions on how the city might make its downtown thrive, as it did in decades past.  This week the ideas of the Sustainable Design Assessment Team were published in a final report, now in the hands of architects and community members chosen by Mayor Houston: 

HOUSTON: “…to help connect the dots between government, organizations and individuals with a stake in downtown and to provide a framework for civic engagement to tackle the challenges laid out in this report.”

Local architect Chuck Pell is one of 19 committee members.  Pell says making the city more attractive, livable and sustainable has to begin with the blocks closely surrounding the Old State Capitol.

“If we prioritize our public investments in this area, then we will build a critical mass that will spread to the other blocks and the connecting neighborhoods.”

Chuck Pell and his committee will meet December 7th, and expect to be in regular communication with city leaders as they consider the many ideas for changes to the downtown.

I’m Peter Gray.

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