Ill. GOP Leader Talks About Tuesday’s Election

The head of Illinois’ Republican Party says the state G-O-P is regrouping after tough losses. But he isn’t ready to step down.  It’s pretty safe to say Illinois Republicans got walloped on Election Day.
They lost four tight congressional races – thereby erasing the gains the party made in 20-10. And in the State House, Democrats picked up veto-proof majorities in both chambers.
Illinois G-O-P Chairman Pat Brady says part of that has to do with the new political boundaries drawn by Democrats.

BRADY: You can’t whine about the map. The map’s the map. We need to take a cold, hard look at what happened, face the realities and do better, which we will.

But Brady would NOT say he was ready to resign as head of the state party.

BRADY: I’m a volunteer. If I’m asked by the central committee or Senator Kirk to step down, I’ll do whatever’s in the best interest of the party but – ah, no one’s approached me about that yet.

Brady says strong Democratic turnout hurt Republicans on Tuesday.
Nonetheless, he says the Illinois G-O-P needs to redefine its image. (Alex Keefe)

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One Response to Ill. GOP Leader Talks About Tuesday’s Election

  1. Dave says:

    This loser should already be gone.

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