Ball Chatham Referendum Passes

Ball Elementary School

The Ball Chatham school district could borrow money as early as next month as it launches a long term plan for building and repair at all its facilities.  That’s after residents voted in favor of a referendum this week.
Superintendent Carrie Van Alstine says borrowing will be staggered over the next five years.  That will enable the district to avoid hiking property taxes to pay for the work.  Instead, current debt payments will be extended for a longer period.
Van Alstine says the district needs to expand and fix school buildings to keep up with growth…

VAN ALSTINE “We continue to have people move to our community because of our strong school system.  We have lots and lots of holes in the ground as far as residential development.  When you drive around our community you see we have lots and lots of construction.  We’ve made do with the spaces we have but we know we will continue to grow.”

Van Alstine says the borrowing won’t be paid off until the year 2030.  She says it’s a long term investment in the Ball Chatham schools. The student population goes up by as much as 100 kids a year.  Every school will have work performed.
Van Alstine says the administration spent a lot of time getting information out to voters…..

VAN ALSTINE “But it was really the community volunteers who knocked on doors and made sure people had the fliers, had the information and understood what they were voting for.  That was really important especially since it was a presidential election.  We informed all our voters because we knew a majority would turn out to vote.”

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