Ballot Questions In The Area

Voters will be deciding races for federal, state and local offices today.  But some in the area will weigh in other issues.  Among the key ballot questions… Springfield voters will choose if city employees should be required to live within the city limits. 

A survey found more than a third of workers now reside elsewhere.  It’s a controversial topic.  While some argue those earning a city paycheck should live and pay taxes in the town. Others say it could be costly as it would force union contracts to be re-opened.   Voters won’t have the final say.  The referendum is only advisory.
Those who live in the Ball Chatham School District will vote on a plan to borrow more money to improve and expand several buildings.  The school administration says it won’t result in higher property taxes.  But they won’t go down either.  That’s because debt that would be paid off in 5 years would be extended into 2030.
Voters in many locations are choosing whether to allow city and county governments to negotiate for better electric rates.  The competition for electric suppliers has resulted in savings in some of the places that have already gone this route.  State lawmakers created electric choice.  But those who are served by government owned utilities like CWLP in Springfield or co-operatives are specifically left out.
Those in Gardner Township in Sangamon County are considering if it should remain dry…. continuing a prohibition on alcohol sales.  It’s another advisory referendum.

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