Mayor Announces Plans For Downtown Springfield Projects

Springfield Mayor Mike Houston says he wants to use tax increment financing money to revamp two downtown buildings and open up retail, residential, and office space.
The Booth and Ferguson buildings are both on Monroe Street. The Ferguson building has Cafe Brio on its first floor, it’s expected to stay there.

HOUSTON: “To say that I’m excited about new residential units that will be a large part of this project is an understatement. With this project, as well as other projects under discussion, my goal is to help rebuild a downtown of historical and scenic beauty, economic commerce,  a variety of shops and restaurants, lively entertainment, and a sundry mix of people.”

A restaurant with rooftop dining and a fitness center are some of the possibilities for the space. More than 20 one-bedroom and efficiency apartments are expected.
The overall cost of the project is estimated to be 6 million dollars.  Houston will ask the city to approve nearly 2 million from tax increment financing funds. The goal is to make the outside of both buildings look like they originally did in the early 1900s. Houston says he plans on introducing ordinances on Tuesday.

-Rachel Otwell

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