Cat Plans Temporary Layoffs In Decatur

Days after saying it is worried about the slow pace of the global economy Caterpillar Inc. says it will shut down parts of its operations in Decatur for a week in November and all of December as demand for some products drops.
The Peoria-based construction- and mining-equipment company on Monday called the layoffs temporary. Caterpillar spokesman Jim Dugan said that not all of the company’s employees in the city would be affected but wouldn’t say how many would be.
Caterpillar manufactures large trucks in Decatur but the current number of employees wasn’t immediately available.  
Late last month Caterpillar expressed concerns about the slow pace of global economic growth for the next few years. The company lowered its expectations for its profits in 2015.

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One Response to Cat Plans Temporary Layoffs In Decatur

  1. Derek Franklin says:

    Of course there’s layoffs, CAT has to make sure they get paid back for the large amount of money they squandered to build that top of the line visitors center in Peoria. But don’t worry Decatur, Pontiac is the next plant to feel the wrath of CAT corporate greediness. I love how they said that they understand that it will be difficult for the employees and their families..but that was it…not that theyre gonna try to help at all, just that they understand and dont care

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