Vaught’s New Role Confirmed By IL Senate

Lawmakers have signed off on Governor Pat Quinn‘s choice to head the state’s economic development agency.    The Senate used a one day special session last week to confirm David Vaught as the Director of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. Vaught had previously been Governor Pat Quinn’s budget director.

He admits tenure there was rocky, as were his relationships with legislators.  At one point Senate President John Cullerton introduced legislation that could have knocked Vaught out of his previous position.   That may have been what prompted the governor in April to shuffle his inner circle, including appointing Vaught to head the DCEO.  Even so, Cullerton voted last week to confirm Vaught.  No Senator voted against him.
For his part, Vaught says he’s focused on creating jobs.

VAUGHT: “We’ve got to have more job growth, we’ve got to have a faster pace of economic growth. We’ve got to keep working on education and infrastructure and international trade.”

Vaught’s term expires in January, when he’ll have to again go before the Senate.
And Cullerton has also sponsored legislation that would partially privatize Vaught’s agency.

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