Decatur Water Restrictions Cost Jobs

As of today, water restrictions in Decatur are the strictest they’ve been all summer. And for some people, that means they no longer have a place to work. Water restrictions in the city ban car washing. For Dawn Grandon, who’s been the assistant manager at a commercial car wash, that means a job search or unemployment. She says it’s not just her livelihood the city has cut off, ten other employees she works with are out of luck as well:

GRANDON: “I don’t think it’s fair at all because we don’t use as much water as they say that we use. We use roughly about 25 gallons of water per car that we wash, and when you do it at home you use up to 75 gallons if not more.”

But in Decatur, car washing at home won’t be allowed either. Officials say that’s because the lake the city relies on is getting too low, and the restrictions are essential for conservation. Also prohibited is lawn watering and filling swimming pools. There are some watering exceptions for people who grow food, but everyone will have to follow the restrictions.

-Rachel Otwell

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