Embattled U of I President Hogan To Teach At UIS

Former U of I President Michael Hogan had a rocky and short tenure at the helm.  In his next position with the university, he’s going to teach at the University of Illinois Springfield.


When Michael Hogan stepped down as President of the University of Illinois … he didn’t fully cut ties with the school.

The Board of Trustees signed him on as a tenured member of the faculty.  But Hogan got to choose where he’d teach.

He has chosen UIS.

In a statement, Hogan says he picked Springfield because of its “access in our state capital to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum” and because of “the campus’s international reputation for online learning.”

Hogan may teach a course online, but he may not; a UIS spokesman says that will depend on program needs.  But his contract stipulates he teach at least one class on campus.

But he won’t begin until the 2013-14 school year.  First, Hogan is allowed to take a one-year sabbatical.

Under the terms of his agreement with trustees, Hogan will be paid just over $285,000.

That’s about a third of his salary as President, a position he officially stopped holding at the start of this month.

He’d resigned as the university’s top leader in March after waves of controversy.

He had a tense, fractured relationship with faculty.  Something he has admitted is ironic, given that he’s a specialist in the history of American diplomacy.

University of Illinois Springfield Chancellor Susan Koch issued a statement calling  Hogan “an accomplished scholar in history.”  She said “we expect he will be a positive academic addition to our outstanding faculty.”

Robert Easter took over as President of the University of Illinois at the start of this month.


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1 Response to Embattled U of I President Hogan To Teach At UIS

  1. Mark Roth says:

    Shamefull !! People barely getting by, scraping, sacrificing to send their kids to college and they pay him a salary like that after resigning from his previous position. When is enough enough for these kind of people? Shamefull !!

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