UIS Student A Write In Candidate For State Rep

There’s a new candidate in the running for state Representative in the 96th district, which includes parts of Decatur and Springfield. Andrew Dambrauskas is a 23 year old student studying History at the University of Illinois Springfield. He’s announced he’s running for state representative as an independent write in candidate this fall.
Dambrauskas has served in Lincoln Land Community College’s Model Illinois Government group, but says now he wants a more tangible role in state politics.

“I was partially motivated because I was reviewing a couple, my two choices, to represent me at the Statehouse, and I was generally dissatisfied with the both of them.”

Dambrauskas says he’s running on a pro-education platform. He says focusing on education would reduce crime in the the district and would help the district’s economy in the future.  Dambrauskas is a Southeast High graduate and is the son of John and Deej Dambrauskas.   Schoolteacher Sue Scherer of Decatur is the Democratic nominee. Dennis Shackelford, a businessman from Rochester, won the Republican primary. (Rachel Otwell)

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5 Responses to UIS Student A Write In Candidate For State Rep

  1. Deej Dambrauskas says:

    I am a very proud Mom. If you’d like to know more about this young man, take a look at Drew’s campaign facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/andrewdambrauskas.

  2. MAB says:

    I hope he realizes UIS isn’t in the 96th district…

    • Caprice Procarione says:

      He realizes, but Millikin University is in 96th, so that is a great way to work with students and promote his pro-education platform!

  3. Political coach says:

    Since this is the election after redistricting, you don’t have to live in the District. Sue Scherer, who just barely won the Dem primary doesn’t live in the District. To his mom: Running as a write in seems senseless. Tell you son to run as a 3rd party or independent with his name on the ballot. All he needs to do is file 1500 signatures by Monday to do that. Then he would at least have a chance to win!

  4. John Ansell says:

    Dear Mrs. Bambrauskas, it’s very nice to see your son take an interest in politics and I hope he sticks with it, win or lose. It’s a hard sacrifice for anybody to make. Having seen Uncles and Cousins (Dennis Shackelford is married to my Cousin Judy Langfelder) I can assure you things get really ugly. DO NOT forcus on the negatives. Keep on message and make sure people learn to spell his name if he’s not able to get the petitions. Knowing Dennis, he will not turn negative. Know Madigan, the Democrat running, I’m sure he’ll be going negative (Yes, I know it’s Sue, but her funding in from Madigan, who is known to run dirty ads.

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