Regional Offices Of Education Will Be Funded

Regional superintendents went five months without pay last year after Governor Pat Quinn vetoed their state funding from the budget.  Regional superintendents finally got their paychecks last year after the legislature came to their aid, and passed a measure that required local tax dollars be used to fund the offices.
That was supposed to be a temporary fix.
But the budget approved by the General Assembly once again uses that local fund to pay regional superintendents’ salaries.  Still, the budget does rely on state money to pay for some of the regional offices of educations’ operations.  Now it’s in Governor Pat Quinn’s hands.
Jeff Vose is the Regional Superintendent for Sangamon County. Vose says he thinks Governor Quinn knows why the offices are important.
JEFF VOSE: “I think he understands and appreciates what we do and also we do have a lot of support from the General Assembly and from the constituents that those legislators serve.”
Vose says he doesn’t think the offices will once again be on the chopping block.
Regional superintendents are responsible for overseeing student truancy services, managing school buses, and teacher certification.
-Rachel Otwell
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