Protestors Urge State not to Cut Funding for Children, Elderly, & Disabled

Child care providers and home care workers who receive subsidies from the state gathered in Springfield today. They expressed concerns about cuts to human services. Rachel Otwell has the report:

The second floor of the statehouse was a sea of people, with the chants of “no cuts” echoing from every wall. And that was before the official rally even started.
More than a thousand people gathered to protest cuts to home care and child care.
Faith Arnold is a child care provider. She’s not only worried about her livelihood.
Arnold says she’s also worried about families who will no longer be able to find subsidized child care.

FAITH ARNOLD: “Children are children, so if they’re unsupervised and not in a quality program then what are the chances of them doing well in school or getting in trouble. So it’s not just about my service but it’s also about what happens in our community.”
Governor Quinn’s proposed budget would cut services and eligibility in subsidized care for children, seniors, and those with disabilities. I’m Rachel Otwell.

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