Alleged Embezzlement by Ex-Comptroller Inspires Legislation

The former Dixon comptroller charged with embezzling $53 million dollars of city funds has inspired legislation. A proposal filed today by Republican state senators would require certain records of local governments and school districts be made public.

Audits, expense records, and budgets would have to be posted online.

Senator Dan Duffy, from the Chicago suburb of Lake Barrington, says most government officials are not corrupt. But he says there should more surveillance to make sure they stay honest.

DAN DUFFY:  “Just like a 7-11 or a corner convenience store has a security camera in the corner, this bill is going to be the security camera for local governments. This is going to highlight what’s been happening within their government, how they’ve been spending their money, what they’ve been doing with their budgets.”

A similar idea was introduced earlier this year. Today’s  proposal is narrower in the hopes of getting it passed this year. But it hasn’t gone anywhere yet.

-Rachel Otwell

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