State Rep. Dan Brady Won’t Try For Congress

Republican State Representative Dan Brady says he is pulling his name from consideration in the new 13th Congressional district.   Brady, from Bloomington,  was among numerous GOP hopefuls that had shown interest in the position.  Current Congressman Tim Johnson of Urbana is leaving at the end of his term.  The state Republican Party says it will conduct an open process to select a candidate for the fall ballot.

Brady released a letter today:

April 26, 2012
I would like to say thank you to all the very generous and kind individuals who
have e-mailed, written or stopped me to convey their confidence in me to represent
them in the United States Congress. I also thank those who reached out to
me to say they thought I should remain a State Representative and continue to
work on the many challenges facing the State of Illinois.
After much discussion with family, friends, advisors and others, I have made my
decision not to submit my name for consideration by the Republican County Chairman
of the 13th Congressional District. There were many factors involved in my
decision, including family, my present responsibility as State Representative and
my new business partnership as Funeral Director at Kibler-Brady-Ruestman Funeral
I want to thank House Republican Leader Tom Cross, along with the Republican
County Chairman for the District and especially the citizens of the new 13th Congressional
This exploration has taught me much in a short time and I will not rule out any future
elective office. Now though, I am seeking re-election as State Representative
of the newly drawn 105th District and I look forward to serving.
Thank you for that privilege!

Rep. Dan Brady


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