Dixon Comptroller Faces Federal Fraud Charges

The woman in charge of financial books for the city of Dixon for the past three decades is out of jail while she awaits her next court appearance.

Comptroller Rita Crundwell is charged with stealing more than $3,000,000 from the city since last September.  She could also face charges on another $30,000,000 federal investigators say is missing from city accounts.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph Pedersen is prosecuting the case in federal court in Rockford. He says Crundwell didn’t have to post bond to be released:

PEDERSON: The judge imposed conditions that she will reasonably appear for all her court appearances.  That’s the standard for whether or not she can be detained pending trial and we didn’t disagree with the court’s determination.

Crundwell, who is a well known horse-breeder, faces several conditions.  She can’t sell horses, she cannot have guns in her home and she must stay within the northern Illinois and western Wisconsin federal court jurisdictions.  Crundwell will also have to follow a supervisory plan laid out by her pre-trial officer.  She’ll appear again in Rockford’s federal courthouse May 7th.

-WNIJ/Illinois Public Radio

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