Sangamon County Business Outlook

A new survey finds Sangamon County businesses have a more positive outlook for the economy in  the next year.
The annual survey shows about 40 percent expect good things for the economy going forward.  That’s double those who see a bad year ahead.  Dick Schuldt, Director of the Survey Research Office at UIS, says employers still have plenty of concerns.

SCHULDT “The challenges businesses see this year are about the same as the challenges they saw last year. Yet they still have a more positive outlook than they did a year ago.”

Those challenges include state government failing to pay its bills on time, energy prices and the cost of government regulation.  But businesses also found bright spots in the county’s growing health care industry and development along MacArthur Boulevard in Springfield.
All sectors of the local economy show high expectations for the next year, except for manufacturing.
Along with a positive outlook, 40 percent of employers say they expect to increase hiring.  Only 14 percent expect to cut jobs.
The UIS Center for State Policy and Leadership conducts the survey along with the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce. Businesses with 10 or more employees are included.

Survey Results

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