Official Illinois Tartan Awaits Approval by GA

Bill MacLeod sports the potential state tartan as a tie

Illinois has many state symbols.  Some you probably learned in school, like the state bird and tree.
Then there’s the official Illinois fossil, called the Tully Monster, and even the state snack food, popcorn.
Rachel Otwell reports on the next potential state icon.

Bill MacLeod is a man on a Scottish-themed mission.  He wants Illinois to be the next state with its own tartan.

MacLeod: “I got motivated by talking to other states, particularly Wisconsin and Michigan who have just been through this process, they really encouraged us to pursue it again.”

MacLeod  is with the Illinois Saint Andrew Society, which claims to be the oldest charity in the state. Its tartan is already registered in Scotland as the unofficial Illinois tartan, the pattern’s a royal blue with red, white, and navy plaid.

MacLeod says the colors represent the Illinois, Scotland and United States flags … and the navy symbolizes Lake Michigan.  The society tried a decade ago to make its tartan the official one of the state, but the effort failed. So far this attempt got a House committee’s approval. But two legislators have each introduced proposals for competing tartans, including one to make Illinois’ official tartan that of the Notre Dame Marching Guard.

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2 Responses to Official Illinois Tartan Awaits Approval by GA

  1. Maureen says:

    Why in the world would Illinois adopt the tartan of a college in another state???

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