WUIS Health Desk: Art And Meditation As Therapy

This week we launch the “WUIS Health Desk”, which will produce stories looking at various health related topics. We begin with the idea of art, music and meditation as therapy.

As WUIS’ Peter Gray reports, a Springfield artist is using sight and sound to help those suffering from cancer and other ailments manage stress and focus on healing.

[.mp3 – 3:25 – 3.2 MB]

For samples of Matt Schultz’s music, visual art and related links…

“Mandalas” Track One:

“Mandalas” Track Eight: 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


“Mandalas: Attempting the Divine” Exhibit at the Springfield Art Association

Simmons Cancer Institute “Side by Side” Wellness Program

Matt Schultz’s Mandala Project (with all 100 images)

“Mandalas – Attempting the Divine” Event on Facebook

Matt Schultz’s Web Portfolio

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