Quinn’s Proposed Cuts Lack Specifics

Governor Pat Quinn had promised his budget message Wednesday would include specifics on what Illinois should do to rein in pension and Medicaid costs.   But as Amanda Vinicky reports, it’s still unclear where the governor stands on the state’s foremost spending pressures.

Quinn touched on a lot in his budget speech.

The plan he unveiled calls for cuts in state spending on public health, natural resources, and the arts.

It outlines more than five dozen state facilities and offices he wants to close or consolidate, ranging from juvenile detention centers to local human services offices.

QUINN: “Our rendezvous with reality has arrived.”

But while the governor says Illinois’ budget problems will only truly be solved if reductions are coupled with action on two controversial areas,  state pensions and Medicaid, he offered no suggestions about what can be done, only saying both must be restructured this year.

QUINN: ” This is not something you can blithely delay for another year.”

There are areas in which Quinn wants to put more money; namely, education and veteran’s programs.  He also wants to invest in high-tech classrooms, the state’s water systems, and university infrastructure.  Republicans say there’s no room for any spending increases.

—Amanda Vinicky

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