Foodbank Asks For Help

The Central Illinois Foodbank is reminding residents to help feed the hungry as more people are struggling to put food on the table.
The Foodbank supplies local food pantries in 21 counties throughout Central and west Central Illinois. Spokesperson Kaleigh Friend says donations make sure those who need help are able to get it….

FRIEND “Some of these pantries have a lot of community support, but some are in areas that don’t have a lot of grocery stores. If there’s not a lot of food available, there’s an issue of just getting food to the food pantries. It is a case by case issue but with rising food prices, it’s getting more difficult to make those budgets stretch.”

Friend says the Foodbank has seen more families in need of assistance. Demand is up 40 percent in the past couple of years. The Foodbank often takes truckloads of food to rural areas for distribution, but state funds for the mobile pantries have run out. Friend says along with food donations, monetary gifts cover costs including fuel. You can find out more details at

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