Sword Stolen From Lincoln’s Tomb Recovered

A copper sword stolen from Lincoln’s tomb at Oak Ridge
Cemetery in Springfield has been recovered. Rachel Otwell has more.
Though it’s in two pieces, two detectives were able to apprehend the
sword stolen from the historic site. A juvenile boy faces charges.  Police say two individuals tipped off authorities.  It was found in an automobile parked in an alley in Springfield.
The juvenile name is not being released, he will be facing two counts:
one for theft and another for criminal trespassing.
Catherine Shannon is the director of the Illinois Historic
Preservation Agency. She says she’s surprised and happy the sword,
was found, and appreciates the concern from all over the country.
SHANNON: “There was quite a lot of coverage including the Tonight Show and some
others,  so it is good that people were concerned about our sites
because they are treasures, and we know that but it’s nice to know
that everyone else appreciates them as well.”
Shannon says its unclear whether the copper sword will be restored.
Members of the community had offered to pay for a replacement, so
it’s possible a bronze sword will substituted. Bronze was
the metal the very first sword had been cast in, though it had been
stolen too and had been replaced with the copper one.
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