Law Takes Care of FutureGen Loose Ends


After decisions were made on the FutureGen coal project’s funding and location, there was still some unfinished business.  A new state law takes care of it.  Sean Crawford reports:

FutureGen is an experimental plant that will burn coal, capture the greenhouse gases and store the carbon dioxide underground.  That’s a process known as sequestration.  Construction is scheduled to begin in Morgan County in 2013.  But until now, there was a problem, according to Democratic State Senator John Sullivan of Rushville…  

“Because of the way the current law was written, you simply could not transport CO2 in a pipeline. So this allows that process to take place.” 

Sullivan says it will apply to any future projects in the state that send emissions through a pipeline. The change includes standards for construction and rules for providing public notice. Still, there are opponents to FutureGen, who are worried about long term effects of underground storage.

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