Kidzeum Still Raising Money

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The Kidzeum of Health and Science is slated for Springfield’s Southwind Park. Along with encouraging healthy choices, it also will teach through science exhibits. But as Rachel Otwell reports, the Kidzeum has yet to reach its financial goals and begin building.

While the proposed year of completion is 2012 the Kidzeum will not begin construction…which could take around 18 months…until enough funds are raised. Money comes from grants as well as donations…the Kidzeum still needs about one and a half million dollars to reach the goal of 5 million.

Farah Salim is the museum’s Executive Director. She says development of the museum has always been led by grass roots efforts. The museum was conceived by kids, scientists, health professionals and architects. Salim says that with the current childhood obesity epidemic and dental care problems it is necessary kids learn about the importance of good health and also the importance of protecting the environment…

SALIM “Kidzeum basically will nurture health and wellness through three main galleries: the healthy body gallery, the healthy community gallery, as well as the healthy earth and environment gallery.”

The project is supported by volunteers who go to community events and spread the word about the museum’s purpose. Salim says more volunteers are welcome. For now, the top priority is getting the needed money so that construction can begin

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